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Классное видео - Gay Rape Victim Remembered - Jason Shephard 100

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Видео на нашем портале: Gay Rape Victim Remembered-Jason Shephard "Police discovered the victims nude body Sept. 21, 2006, wrapped in sheets. The body was found in the basement of Smithsons home on Tanguy Road near the back door. Smithson had worked as a supervisor for Daktronics, a sports scoreboard manufacturer that had an Edgmont office. Testimony revealed he had a fatal attraction for Shephard, who was interning with the company and spent a short stint in the county at the time of his slaying.""Smithson also took the stand during the sentencing portion and told of problems coming to grips with his homosexuality and a subsequent deterioration into a dependence on illicit drugs that involved gay parties with lobbyists in Washington, doctors in New York, as well as injecting and snorting crystal meth with friends in the basement of his home."Smithson who was convicted of drugging, attempted to rape and strangling Jason Shephard was sentenced to life without parole.Lawyer Fen Bruce Covington, a former Saint Josephs University administrator, whose phone records indicated he was in Smithsons house throughout the night and the morning following the muder and who supplied the date-rape drug gamma hydroxybutyrate acid to Smithson has been released on three years probation after a misdemeanor plea agreement with the contigency that he continue his sex addiction classes.Delco man pleads no contest to child porn charges - Jun. 27, 2009with link to Thornbury murder case gets probationkiller slated to receive life sentenceIn NSU Student Murder Will Stand Trial Качественное видео

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